A recent exercise on behalf of one of our clients has got me thinking.  When did you last pick up the telephone and made a courtesy call to those customers of which you arent in regular contact with and ask the following:-

How do you think we are doing as a business?

Is there anything we can do to improve our service?

Do you mind regular calls and emails from us?

Is there anything that i can help you with at this moment in time?

We under took a similar exercise and the what we found was astonishing.  Customers glad to here from you and that they were happy to receive both emails and calls.  Orders placed for products whilst the courtesy calls being made and helped identify areas which they requried help.

So what do i suggest, if you dont have the time to do this in house by your team then outsource.  you will be amazed at the results and just what you will find out from your customers.

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