We have successfully re-launched our website, which now has a responsive design which enables it to be viewed on a wide variety of different platforms ranging from iPads to Smart phones - without the content being affected.

The site contains a wide variety of information geared around lead generation and the range of services that we offer and how we can help businesses generate new business.

Our systems allow us to access over 4 million business records within the UK and we can generate you any type of business list based on your search criteria. Alternatively, you could use our database cleansing service and ensure that you get the most out of your marketing campaigns by targeting the right contact, at the right time with the right promotion.

There will also be a large amount of free resources and content based around telemarketing to help those businesses who undertake this type of lead generation in house. Our current guide of ‘50 killer questions every telemarketing advisor should know’ is a great read to help the questioning skills of your sales teams.

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