In this month's blog we take a look at email marketing and still in 2013 it is classed as one of the most powerful yet underused tools in your online marketing toolkit. Email marketing is fast, effective and can be incredibly profitable if used in the correct manner. The biggest myth associated with email marketing is that people don't want to receive emails, which is simply not true, people don't want to receive spam.

People don't want to receive spam from people from whom they have no relationship with and have no relevance to their needs trying to sell them goods or services.However people do want to receive interesting, useful emails they do have a relationship with and that have relevance to their needs.

How has your email list been created? Is it bought, is it upto date? Have you created the list yourself? Or have you bought one of the internet which has lots of generic info@ or sales@ addresses which will not get your open rates anywhere near where they should be.

To help you get the most out of your email list follow five these simple steps

  1. Email more frequently, as a minimum you should be contacting your customers with email at least once a week. You know your customers would they like to receive these even more frequently. Ask the question or start a trial with a small amount of your database. It doesn't have to be with sales messages all the time, tips, downloads, free offers etc etc... your job once you have their contact details si to continue to market to them until they buy, die or tell you to stop.
  2. Have you thought of an autoresponder? An autosrepsonder is an email marketing system that allows you to set up a sequence of emails at timed intervals once you have their contact details. Research shows that most recipients of any form of communication you send will not react to at least the seventh occasion. So set up a series of 7 – 10 emails with a mixture of messages and then let the system do the rest on your behalf.
  3. Think of subject lines as the headlines of a newspaper. They are designed to get you to read more about the article that has been written. Subject lines are one of the most if not the most important aspect of your email, create intriguing subject lines that people want to click on the mail and read more.
  4. Make your email communication friendly, personal and personable. Write your communications as thought you were writing to one of your friends and make the focus of the content of the email about them using the word "you".
  5. Keep it simple and send emails as you receive them using plain text instead of HTML. Content is king and keep them informative with compelling reasons and with an easy call2action, so people reading your email know what they should do when they get to the end of it.

By following and implementing some of the simple steps above it will lead you to have a much better response and open rates with your email marketing. The point of all email marketing is to get your email delivered, get it opened and for the recipient to take some action.

If you would like to find out how Call2action can help you with not only your email marketing but all of your lead generation programs especially telemarketing then please contact 0845 689 0442 or fill in your details for your free guide on our home page.

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